When you’re about to replace your logo after showing it to millions of users for over 10 years, it isn't an easy decision. But LiveChat has given me that wonderful opportunity to design it, and now it's happening - our new logos for LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase are live!

why it was time for a change?

  1. LiveChat is not a one-product company anymore. All company products had different logos but otherwise worked well together. LiveChat needed a common design language to emphasize compatibility between them and to show that they all are made by one team. Right now, the company has four products: LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase. 

  2. LiveChat has changed a lot – from a small garage team into a 200-person strong company with various products. As a company making a world-class product with the help of a world-class team, LiveChat wanted the brand to express that.

  3. The old LiveChat logo didn’t fit the digital spaces where it needed to be used. It was disproportional, and there were too many details. It was hard to develop a compact icon based on it and something that would work in any size and on any device. LiveChat needed a flexible visual brand identity to support us in creating new products in the future. 

the process

Together with 2 other strategists in the team, we started the project by listening. We conducted several interviews to find out where the company is and where it’s heading. We collected a lot of information and came out with one main insight: our core values are simplicity, reliability, and a human approach. 

Next, we arranged one room to become the LiveChat Brand Studio to stick our findings and inspirations on the wall. Then, it was time to translate it all into the logo. The idea was to make something so simple that it would be good for the long term.

The new logo is actually a transformation of the old one. I took the wordmark outside of the bubble and kept a similar roundness in an outline-based shape. I changed the font and applied the same color convention – orange and black. That was a starting point for our other logos. 
Our product naming convention is straightforward – ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, and, of course, LiveChat. But more so, our products stand for what they really are. LiveChat offers live chat. So its logo is a classic chat bubble symbol. Other products follow that rule.
The new logo also functions as a chat widget, which now serves 27,000,000 chats monthly!
If you want to find out more about the brand, here are the brand guidelines for LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase - all developed in Webflow.

thank you

Thanks to Maciej Serafinowicz (CCO) for giving me a chance to do it and supporting me through the whole process; Szymon Klimczak (CMO) for trust; Bartłomiej Otłowski (Motion Designer) for animating logos; Arkadiusz Syrowiec for a great video; Marcin Nawrocki, Małgorzata Buksińska, and Agata Dubaniowska for many design critiques and your design tips, Patrycja Bilińska and Marta Zagdańska for help in strategic work, Patrycja Kurzawa and Dawid Gaweł for helping in implementing this on all our pages and coding beautiful landing page, Gabriela Bartoszek and Rafał Kloc for your continuous support and everything in general, Malwina Klimczak for help with all printed materials and many other people from the whole company LiveChat whom I forgot to mention!